Wojciech Saryusz-Zaleski, director of “Radio Madrid”

Paweł Skibiński


Wojciech Saryusz-Zaleski was the second director of the Polish Program of the National Radio of Spain. He was an outstanding economist and activist of the Catholic national right in the interwar Poland. Associated with the National Party (SN), in 1934 he was one of the founders of the National Radical Camp (ONR). He was one of the main intellectuals and the editor-in-chief of its newspaper ABC. He then became involved with the National-Radical Movement (RNR). He was active during the war in the underground, conducting anti-Nazi and anti-Soviet activities within the Confederation of Nation (KN). After the war, he went into exile, cooperating again with the environment of the former ONR. He was an eminent publicist, academic lecturer and expert of the institutions implementing the Marshall Plan. Since 1954, he moved to Madrid, where he headed the editorial office of the so called “Radio Madrid”. He autored several books on the economic history of Poland, including A Thousand Years of Our Community. He died from tuberculosis in 1960.


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