´Mobilizing all our forces´: Comintern Operations in Spain 1923 – 1936

Gustavo Martín Asensio


This paper demonstrates that the adaptability of communist slogans and tactics before and after the Popular Front period never changed the central aim of the Comintern in Spain: To turn what they saw as an ongoing bourgeois-democratic revolution into a Communist-controlled proletarian revolution through the armed seizure of power. The standard Comintern playbook for achieving this in Spain, as it was elsewhere, is reflected in the sections of this paper: Work in the non-communist unions and among cultural influencers; pursuit of revolutionary agitation with maximum sensitivity to local conditions, training for armed insurrection and work in the army, and deployment of anti-fascist and popular fronts to achieve merger of the unions and youth sections under communist control. This paper completes a missing link in the literature by treating the early transition period to the Popular Front, never before fully covered.

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